Hey meeplings!

Finally, we’ve done and dusted off our writing muscles. We’re psyched to share with you our various gaming pursuits, be it of the roleplaying game or board game variety. (Maybe a computer game or two, too!)

Perhaps a bit of introduction is in order? We’re Dan and Angela, gamers from the Philippines and currently based in Metro Manila. We met over a year ago over boardgames (naturally) and soon bonded over shared interests that included storytelling, history, and food (of course).

Earlier this year, we had the brilliant idea (heh) to explore making notebooks for other people. Angela had been making these hand-bound notebooks for her personal use for a good while now, so it wasn’t a very great leap to settle on having notebooks for an RPG character’s adventures (bujo ftw). We started selling online soon after, and the online shop was born.

The rest is history!

What the blog?

We’re just getting everything settled over the next few days, but you could expect the following topics over the course of a week:

  • Mondays for our shop updates
  • Tuesdays for rambling about roleplaying games
  • Wednesdays we’ll talk about a boardgame or two
  • And Thursdays come with writeups on our own campaigns

Fridays and the weekends will be quiet on the blog front–go play some games!

In the meantime, please check out our online shop for character folios and tomes for your D&D games, as well as some nifty cork coaster sets that turn into modular terrain when you flip them over :) We’re cooking up some new products so stay tuned–follow us over at Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for updates!

Talk to y’all soon!

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