New products: new cover colors for tomes and spell slot clips

I don’t know why we took so long before getting these colors out, but here they are! The D&D character tomes are now available in two super pretty colors, Bravest Blue and Radiant Red. The covers come in the same linen-textured finish as our Bewitching Black, Immaculate Ivory, and Pleasant Purple covers.

Look at dat finish <3

Price: ₱495.00 – Get the Bravest Blue character tome or Radiant Red character tome

They come in standard plain and dotted pages, after the character sheets you all know and love <3

If they’re sold out on the shop, have no fear–we’ve started accepting pre-orders! You’ll have the option to pre-order if an item is sold out on the shop and we allow pre-orders for the item. Just purchase your tome on that designated pre-order page, and we’ll get you your tome as soon as we’ve crafted it for you.

But wait, there’s more!

Personally, I’d always felt that none of the paper clips I tested with our spell slot tracker really did the trick. They were either too small and wrinkled the page unnecessarily, or too big and it’s just taking up so. much. space.

Thus started the Quest for The Perfect Clips. After a few investigation rolls, we finally found the one: a little wider but fairly short, these droplet clips are made even prettier by the colors they come in: gold, silver, rose gold, black, purple, and green. Perfect for all your different D&D characters!

Price: ₱50 – Buy them now

These clips are 10 in a pack — one for every spell slot, and an extra in case you misplace one or need it just ’cause ;)

Personally, I swiped a pack of purples for myself, because PURPLE! Though the green is tempting for my Yuan-ti Pureblood…ugh, choices, choices. What about you, what colors do you think your characters should use?

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