Session Zero Haul

We came back from last Sunday’s Session Zero renewed and full of admiration for the diversity of game designers, artists, and crafters we have locally. It was so difficult to stick to a budget and we, er, ultimately blew it out of the water (sob) but it was worth it! We met so many lovely people and we’re so excited to show you our haul.

So many awesome stuff! We opted to split our mission: Dan checked out the game designers’ booths and Angela scoured the artists’ and exhibitors booths. Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea, as we ended up buying so. much. stuff. XD

Angela scored some awesome accessories from Briarwood Crafts and Gleam Trove!

Dan scored some fabulous games:((but not enough :(… so many amazing gamess arghhhh))

We’ll be playing them in the next few days/weeks and let you know how we fare! So stay tuned!

But of course, when you have so many amazing TRPGs…you need something to keep your dice sets and sheets and pencils in! And Angela found just the thing:

The best thing here is…look at that perfect pocket inside, just the right size for Hey Meepling character folios!! (hint, hint)

We also found ourselves with a BUNCH of new stickers, stationery, pins, etc from all these amazing artists! Take a look at this haul from waterdiet, Miss Adventures, Pachiary, TheIzzyPeasy, @putotoyart, and DMPaulG. (And yes, that is two Hufflepuff pins…HUFFLEPUFFS REPRESENT!)

We’re so happy to get so many games and so much loot, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s Session Zero! We had a lot of fun–what about you? Share your experience and loot in the comments below.

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