Staying safe and supporting others

It’s been three weeks since Metro Manila has been put on lockdown, and Philippines is looking at quarantine extensions for everyone’s safety. Hey Meepling has been on hiatus since the start of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, but we hope that everyone is doing well so far.

We’ll share more about Hey Meepling moving forward in these trying times, and we’ll share our plans at a later date. For now, have you checked out the Sari-sari TRPG Market?

It’s a small initiative together with a couple local TRPG merchants and artists: we put up an “online tiangge” (market/bazaar) at the start of the quarantine, so everyone can easily browse through TRPG goodies as if you were at an event with their booths, without leaving the comfort and safety of your homes.

While some of the participating merchants have since decided to take on a shipping hiatus (including us!), many of the participating crafters, artists, and small business owners are continuing to ply their trades online. If you’ve been on the fence about getting that artwork for a beloved character done, polish up a game for publishing, or even just start to collaborate with someone on a beautiful custom item–now is a great time to while away your hours on this wonderful hobby of ours!

If you need more tips and ideas on how to fully indulge your D&D and TRPG fix, there are tons of resources online. From Wizards of The Coast giving away a ton of things for remote play, to folks banding together and helping people get set up playing Roll20–there is so much support and resources going around right now if you’re curious about tabletop roleplaying games and want to give it a shot.

If boardgames are more your style than tabletop RPGs, there are also a bunch of free Print n Play games available for you to try — whip out those crafting materials and get to work ;) And don’t forget you can try out Boardgame Arena and Tabletop Simulator — find some local folks to play with at Tabletop Simulator PH!

Save the healers

There are also a couple of online initiatives that are worth a look to help our frontliners continue to do the amazing, brave, and selfless work they do. Take a look at the following initiatives and satisfy both your own wants and our frontliners’ and neighbours’ needs.


The artists behind #ArtForMedPH are offering commissioned art in exchange for donations directly to local frontliners, through the causes highlighted at Help From Home, a local initiative that highlights the local causes that can use our help at this time of need. A range of prices and styles for commissioned art is available for all kinds of tastes.

Adventuring from Home bundle

Dungeon Masters Guild has released two timely bundles especially for this pandemic. Their Adventuring from Home bundle is priced at $20 and proceeds are donated to Doctors Without Borders. Choose one or the other, whether you’re homebrew all the way, or the adventuring life is more your style.

The homebrew bundle contains multiple exciting adventures (DDR, anyone?), tons of subclasses and options, as well as more monsters and NPCs and festivals to delight everyone.

The Adventurers League bundle, on the other hand, includes 18 amazing adventures (including two from our very own Paul Gabat and Mon Macutay), as well as the Tortle Package for all you tortle lovers out there.

Larong Atin games

Larong Atin showcases a wonderful collection of local tabletop games made by local game designers. With the help of Neutral Grounds, they are donating 40% of all proceeds to help fund the production of local COVID-19 testing kits!

Take a look at their amazing collection of games:

  • Quotes and Verses
  • Darna at ang Nawawalang Bato
  • Combatron the Card Game
  • Combatron the Card Game 2
  • Bagani the Card Game
  • Lastikman Tagu-Taguan
  • Pawikan Patrol
  • Folded Wishes
  • Dobble Philippine Edition

Check their Facebook post for more details!

Action to Aid

Adventurers Anonymous Manila is holding an online event! From April 23 to 29, dungeon masters are opening up slots with the help of the local Roll20 community for a slew of online Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers’ League games! The earliest games start at 1pm.

Interested players can sign up for games for a fee of ₱150, which goes to purchasing protective equipment for our local frontliners!

Check out their Facebook post for more details!

Do you know of other fundraising activities and initiatives in our community? Share it in the comments below so we can all jump in and help out!

No matter how you choose to spend your hours during this community quarantine, we hope you are all doing well and keeping busy.

Stay safe, stay online, and support local.

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