Custom & Bespoke

Are you looking for a special notebook or gift box for yourself, a loved one, or your colleagues and party mates?

We’d love to help you out.

We’ve made custom notebooks and gift bundles for events, game masters, adventuring families, and birthday parties.

Custom Handmade Notebooks

If our Build-A-Tome product doesn’t quite reach the heights you want for your special Tome, send us a message with what you have in mind. We make custom notebooks using a variety of materials and prints, and can even customize the content to suit your needs.

Custom notebooks from Hey Meepling

Here’s a few ideas to get you going:

  • Leather tomes
  • Coffee-stained journals
  • Giveaway folios for holidays and special events
  • Dungeon master notebooks
  • Campaign notebooks for any gaming system (you provide the character sheet)
  • Branded notebooks

Custom notebooks start at ₱1,000 for the full order. This can be split among multiple notebooks within the order, custom covers or materials, custom printed sheets, and more. Additional processing times apply.

Custom Gaming Notebooks from Hey Meepling

Curated Gift Boxes

We’ve got deets on some good bits for gaming tables of all kinds! Whether you’re looking for that luxury box for a special someone, or a small packet of goods for a party or event, drop us a line (form, email) and we’ll help you get things sorted.

Custom and curated gift boxes from Hey Meepling

Gift boxes are perfect for:

  • Special event prizes
  • D&D-themed birthday parties
  • Loot packages for a new family campaign
  • Starter packs for new players
  • Special milestones for loved ones

Custom gift boxes start at ₱2,500 for the full order. This can be split among multiple boxes or packs within the order, and contain anything on-hand in our store or custom for your order. Additional processing times apply.

Bespoke gift boxes from Hey Meepling