Geeky Drinkware

Get your natural 20s rolling in style!

Crit in combat and in real life with our geeky, nifty drinkware and terrain coasters! Who says stylish tabletop adventures can only happen with miniatures? Your table isn’t complete with if you can’t drink out of them! (Er….)

Check out our nifty D&D Combat Mug! Keep track of your hit points and saves with a dry-erase marker on this glossy mug, as you down that life-giving coffee or tea–while giving your awesome dungeon master your initiative, AC, and passive perception and insight stats (on the other side of the mug)!

Our terrain coasters have one motto: business in front, party (adventures) in the back! These 4″x4″ double-sided cork coasters protect your table from your drinks, but turn them over and you’re ready to run your epic tabletop adventures! Sold in singles and sets, build your own map using these modular “tiles” while being the fantastic, ready-for-anything host that you are.

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