Adventurer’s Journal (Refillable)



The life of an adventurer is hard. Long days on the road, watchful nights on the trail. Sometimes it might feel easier to go solo, but the support of your party members is crucial to the success of your endeavors.

Introducing the Hey Meepling Adventurer’s Journal–a soft, 100% top grain leather journal to keep your important folios safe. Whether you’re packing a full 5e party or choose to mix and match different systems, the Adventurer’s Journal can keep them all tucked safely in its soft folds.

Did an adventurer retire? Swap their folio out with an active character and you’re ready to get back on the road!

Important note: these journals are made of soft leather which may have some residual oil on them. Our hardy kraft folio covers will withstand constant contact with the journal, but other paper may not! Casual, quick contact is not an issue, but store your journal away from other paper material.

  • All folios included in the Adventurer’s Journal sport our sturdy kraft covers rather than our layflat folio variants.
  • Need to mix and match? Include your folio preferences in the Special Instructions field and we’ll swap out the folios to the one you want! (Subject to stock availability.)


Size Approximately 148 “x 210 millimeters / 8.5” “x 5.5” (A5)
Cover 100% top grain leather, debossed designs
Closure Black elastic garter
Includes Up to three (3) A5-sized Folios


Q: How many folios are included with the Adventurer’s Journal?

A: Three folios are included with every Adventurer’s Journal.

Q: How many folios can I fit into the Adventurer’s Journal?

A: With extra elastics, we’ve fit up to five folios without any issues.

Q: Can I swap out my Adventurer’s Journal folios with different notebooks?

A: Yes! We can swap out your three folios for any combination of the folios we carry, including The Everyday Folio, which is our generic A5-sized folio style. Simply add your request in the Special Instructions field when you check out. You can also swap the folios out with your own notebooks, or purchase refills from us!

Q: I scratched my Adventurer’s Journal cover! What do I do?

A: The Adventurer’s Journal features 100% real top grain leather, and harsh handling can result in some marks. Just like all genuine leather items like wallets, bags, and shoes, your cover will gain its own character over time, something unique to just you! Give it a little soft buff with just your hands to smooth out the scratch (no nails!), and let it age beautifully.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 21 × 14.8 × 4 cm
First Folio

5e Character Folio, Cthulhu Investigator Folio, The Everyday Folio

Second Folio

5e Character Folio, Cthulhu Investigator Folio, The Everyday Folio

Third Folio

5e Character Folio, Cthulhu Investigator Folio, The Everyday Folio


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