Critical Kit for 5e


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Looking for an all-in gift to give your family and friends who is curious to try out the greatest roleplaying game in the world? Are you a Dungeon Master or a Player who is looking for a starter kit for your players and party mates?

Score a critical hit with your family and friends by gifting them a Critical Kit (for 5e)!

We’ve compiled the most essential items that any new or veteran 5e player might need to start their adventure (imagination not included).

What’s in the Critical Kit?

5e Character Folios. Bring your character to life in this custom made character sheet for 5e. Choose between plain or dotted variants for the notes section!

7pc RPG Dice Set. Score those natural 20s to bring down your enemies.

Seedcraft Pencils. Use this to write down the various NPC names, location, and other important details your Dungeon Master gives you. After that, plant it in soil to grow life from the seed encapsulated on the top of the pencil. Random selection from Bell Pepper, Tomato, Basil, Sili, or Citronella.

Spell Slot Clips. Essential for any spellcaster, use these beautiful clips to track your spell slot usage. Random selection from Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Purple, or Green.

D&D Item Sheet Sticker. Stick it in your folio or any surface, to immortalize that legendary magical item you looted from the ancient dragons hoard.


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