D20 Wax Seal Stamp


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Have some secret missives for your adventuring party? Keep your document secure with a touch of class using this d20 twenty-sided die wax seal stamp.

Designed for the discerning adventurer knowledgeable in all things dragons and dungeons, this solid brass 25mm die features an outline of the classic and popular twenty-sided die.

Great for party missives, official documents from the dungeon master, or embellishing your campaign journals.

Each set comes with a wick-ed sealing wax candle so you can get right on with the important business of signing your letters and documents.


  • Solid brass 25mm round die
  • Classic wood handle for a comfortable grip (detachable)
  • Laser-engraved die for sharp details
  • 9cm sealing wax candle with wick

How To Use

Materials: Wax seal stamp, sealing wax candle, matches or a lighter

CAUTION: Fire and the brass stamp can be hot! Please make sure children are not left unattended if they are using this stamp.

  1. Prepare your paper to be sealed. If using a different material or including other materials in the seal, you may need to practice with a seal or two.
  2. Light the sealing wax candle using your method of choice.
  3. Hold the candle upside down at an angle over the material to be sealed so that the melting wax drips into the material. You can use tongs to hold it if the candle is getting too short, or for safety reasons.
  4. After an appropriate amount of wax has dripped into the material (you do not need to have the exact same size as the seal), blow out the candle and set aside to cool.
  5. Before the dripped wax cools completely, press the wax seal stamp firmly onto the center of the still-soft wax. The excess wax will spread past the seal. This is normal.
  6. Wait a few seconds (about 5-30 seconds) and test the surrounding wax if cool to the touch.
  7. Once the wax is cool and hardened, gently ease the wax seal stamp up from the wax. You can tilt the wax to the side to ease it off the stamp, or rock it gently from side to side until the stamp is released.

If sealing multiple missives, we recommend chilling your brass stamp on an ice pack in between seals to ensure a quicker seal.

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