Gold Dice on Blue Washi Tape


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Decorate your campaign journals, character tomes, and adventure folios with this washi tape! These gold dice pop on rich blue, and will add a touch of class to your notes, gaming-related or not!

This design includes gold foil details.

Imaginative Ways to Use Washi Tape

Washi tape are great for decorating journals, and can be removed and re-positioned easily with minimal residue or tearing.

That’s why washi tapes can be more than just decoration for your paper-based projects! Try out these great ideas when using your washi tapes:

  • Add page tabs to any page
  • Unique nail art
  • Wall decor and art
  • Photo framing
  • Keyboard decorations
  • Kitchen and drink labels
  • Organization labels on cords and folders
  • Personalize your phone case
  • Upcycle pencils by covering them in washi
  • Refresh table coasters


  • Length: 10 meters
  • Width: 15mm


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