Limited Edition – 2020 Adventurer’s Chest


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Ford through chill winds and icy snow with an Adventurer’s Chest from Hey, Meepling and Wild Magic Gaming Oddities.

Chronicle your journey, spin your luck,
and we’ll have a hot drink when you get back.

Gear up for a holiday adventure with our Adventurer’s Chest, handcrafted and curated by local makers in the Philippines.

What’s Inside

The 128-page D&D 5e Character Tome is a handmade notebook specially designed for 5e characters.

Its heavy, 170 gsm calligraphy-friendly acid-free pages are perfect for that epic backstory and adventure. Never lose your character notes or deal with loose sheets ever again!

Write easily on a table(top) or on the go with the beautifully exposed hand-sewn binding that allows the notebook to lay flat, whether you’re a lefty or righty.

Tuck those important missives in the handy dandy back pocket, and never lose your mark with a built-in ribbon placement marker.

The Khione dice set, 7 handmade polyhedral dice with a “Shake Shake” d20 from Wild Magic Gaming Oddities is the perfect companion to wintry, chilly journeys in Icewind Dale and beyond.

See into the depths of a snowstorm as you roll the 20-sided die and peer into the whirl of snow at the heart of the die, hoping against hope for a favorable result.

Crit in combat and in real life with the Combat Mug.

Keep track of your hit points and saves as you down that life-giving coffee or tea–while giving your awesome dungeon master your initiative, AC, and passive perception and insight stats!

Use a dry-erase marker to track your stats on the glossy combat mug.

Bring more life into the world with the Seedcraft Pencil. Once you’ve used up the pencil tracking your character’s fate, plant it in a pot of good soil and watch it grow over 1-4 weeks into a plant that can continue on with loving care! (Seedcraft Pencils not included in international boxes. Sorry!)

Keep your spell slots in mind with these Spell Slot Clips, these handy-dandy paper clips that are perfect for the spell slot tracker on our Tomes! Are your clips too narrow or too long and get unwieldy? Worry not, these droplet-shaped clips are perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’d like to give more things to my friend! Can I add more items to the Chest?

A: Yes! Simply add more items to your shopping cart and let us know if you’d like us to pack them all together in the box. We’ll accommodate as best we can!

Q: Can I remove item x from the chest and get a cheaper price?

A: The chest is bundled as-is. We cannot remove items from the chest and change the price.

Q: I’m getting multiple boxes. Can I get it shipped to separate places?

A: Certainly! Please complete one order for each item.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! We are finalizing some arrangements for shipping, please stay tuned! Sign up for our mailing list to get updated when we open for international shipping.

Q: Can I get just the notebook or dice?

A: The cover and dice are specially made just for the Chest! You can head over to Wild Magic Gaming Oddities’ Facebook Page if you would like to commission a dice set from them, or Build a Tome to your liking from us with any other cover of your choice.

Q: Can I change the filler color for the Chest?

A: The fillers we use for the Chest depends on availability, and cannot be customized.

Q: When will my Chest arrive?

A: The first batch of the limited-quantity Adventurer’s Chest will be available by December 1, and pre-orders will ship within the first week of December. Subsequent orders will need 3-5 days of lead time, since the Tome and Khione dice set are handmade locally.

Have a wonderful adventure!

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