Transmute Leaflet to Tome


Continuing your adventure?

Transmute your Leaflet into a Tome to continue your character’s epic adventure seamlessly with 80 pages of space for your chronicles!


Continuing your adventure?

Four pages not enough for your amazing character and adventure?

Send us your Hey Meepling Leaflet, and we can transmute your Leaflet into a Tome so you can continue to chronicle your amazing character’s journey seamlessly.

What you’ll get:

  • No need to transfer your character sheet over to a new notebook
  • 76 more pages for your notes (or even more)
  • More space for your spells and features
  • Flesh out your character’s backstory
  • Hardback cover with back pocket and placement marker

How to Transmute Your Leaflet into a Tome

Add this product (“Transmute Leaflet to Tome”) to your cart. You can specify the cover, binding, and the contents of the rest of your Tome.

Checkout your shopping cart and pay for your order.

Send your Leaflet to one of our drop-off points in Metro Manila:

  • Cubao, Quezon City (Wednesday – Saturday 2-7pm only)
  • Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
  • Check upcoming events where Hey Meepling is around

We’ll confirm receipt of your Leaflet and get started on your Tome. We’ll ship back your Tome as soon as we’re done!

Questions? Feel free to contact us for help!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Cover Color

Immaculate Ivory, Bewitching Black, Pleasant Purple, Bravest Blue, Radiant Red

Customized Cover Print

None, Personalized text, Full-color artwork

Binding Color

White, Black, Blue, Purple, Brown


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